10 reasons to visit Malinska in the spring

We bring you even 10 reasons to visit Malinska in the spring. Take a break from the busy business calendar, the obligations that drives you into a state of stress, and enjoy the nature that will recharge your batteries for the new business victory. Relax your senses in a romantic promenade, visit cultural events throughout the island, spoil your palate with culinary delights of world famous restaurants of the island...
Romantic promenade by the sea - the beauty of nature, beautiful coastline and pleasant climate, make Malinska popular tourist destination. Health tourism always goes hand in hand with recreation and walking. We recommend walking path, 2 km long that extends from the Green Bay Rova to the heart of Malinska - you need only good will and comfortable walking shoes. For those looking for more intensive recreation, in mostly promenades you can enjoy cycling.
Cultural events throughout the island of Krk - throughout the year in Malinska you can enjoy plenty of events that will satisfy a variety of interests - athletes, those looking for fun, nature lovers, music fans - everyone will find something for themselves. For you we have selected events in May, and events throughout the year you can see on the page of the Tourist Board of the island Krk.
Gastro secrets of Malinska - the island has at least 5 world - class restaurants, with some of them, such as restaurant Rivica we achieved a wonderful collaboration for our esteemed guests. Nature in spring delights Masterchefs with it*s gifts, and inspires them on various dishes of asparagus, Kvarner shrimp, seasonal vegetables - all prepared in the island's olive oil. With a good glass of domestic wine and traditional island's coastal desert, your soul will enjoy.
Wellness oasis - a long history of health tourism begins with Viennese aristocracy arrivals in Malinska, and other places of the island in search of a solution of their health problems. Modern wellness programs will alleviate your symptoms. Indulge in luxurious rituals and revitalize your body and spirit.
Boat trips - nature of the Adriatic coast and the Adriatic Sea are known for diversity. You'll be amazed with the amount of various plant species along the coast, as well as sea animals that you can look through the glass bottom of your chosen ship.
Water sports - if you've always wanted to learn how to sail, this is an ideal opportunity to enroll in a sailing school while Rova bay gives you intimacy keeping you away from the larger boats (which in the summer can be a large number). You can also choose to dive, or sail with a boat.
Monastery in Porto - the monastery together with the church of St. Mary Magdalene dates from 1480. Within the monastery there is a museum with a variety of interesting facts from the past that prove the religious, cultural and economic importance of Malinska since ancient times.
Nearness of National parks - Krk bridge that connects the island of Krk with the mainland is only 15 Km from the Malinska, which is an ideal position for excursions on land, such as the National Park Risnjak (1 hour drive away), Nature Park Učka (1 hour drive away) or nature Park Velebit (1.5 hours drive away). The vegetation of these parks is the most beautiful in the spring.
  Wedding organization, training, retreats - Rova Bay is a favorite destination for honeymooners - your fatefully "I do" in a sunset on a private beach along the coast is the fantasy of most people. Because of luxury apartment accommodation, culinary delights, natural beauty and hospitality of the people, Krk is the perfect destination for wedding planning, specialized trainings or retreats.
A Place for inspiration - for those who lack the inspiration for their work, artworks, business ideas or simply tranquility of mind, Krk and Green Bay Rova provide the intimacy that is needed in the absence of any inspiration. Sound of waves, private beach, gentle sun on the skin, the nature shown in its full beauty, is there a more beautiful place to return to creative in yourself?!