We are proud to present you the country from which we come from, just like the good hosts!
The county with rich historical and cultural heritage

Croatia is a country of rich natural beauty, as well as historical and cultural heritage, with many museums, churches, galleries, national and nature parks, and 7 sites under UNESCO protection. Its historical and cultural richness is visible at almost every step of the way. Croatia is one of the ecologically best-preserved parts of Europe; it has a rare European landscape which on such a small space boasts as many as 8 national parks and 11 nature parks! If you like walking, hiking, or cycling surrounded by untouched nature, Croatia is the perfect place for you.

A land of 1,244 islands and a crystal clear sea
With the incredible sea landscape, lovely indented coastline, coves, beaches sheltered by pine woods, picturesque and romantic coastal towns, Croatia is a touristic pearl of Europe. In azure blue and crystal clear waters of the Adriatic Sea, there are almost perfectly distributed 1,244 islands, islets and reefs, which are a true hidden paradise for yachtsmen and divers. According to the European bathing water quality report issued in 2014 by the European Environment Agency, sea bathing water quality in Croatia is excellent.
Elite film destination
The untouched nature, the wealth that is brought by different cultures, distinctive lifestyle, glorious, rich and turbulent history, are just some of the reasons why Croatia became an elite film destination. The fascinating film cadres recorded in Croatia can be seen in a popular TV series "Game of Thrones" and "Borgia". Croatia is a land of truly divine inspiration that has delighted many of the World’s prominent men of letters. The famous French writer Jules Gabriel Verne fell in love with this beautiful country, where he placed the action of his famous novel Mathias Sandorf.
Croats who changed the world
  • Nikola Tesla- physicist, engineer and inventor of alternating current power
  • Slavoljub Penkala- inventor of the fountain pen and the ballpoint pen
  • Ivan Lupis Vukić- inventor of torpedo
  • Faust Vrančić- inventor of parachute
  • John Mohorovičić- discovered layer of the Earth's crust that allows the precise location of the epicenter of an earthquake
  • John Vučetić- founder of dactyloscopy; systematized the use of fingerprinting in criminalistics 
Information about Croatia
  • Population 4,447,000
  • Capital city: Zagreb
  • Currency: Kuna (HRK) (1 Kuna – 100 lipa)
  • Official language: Croatian
  • Coastline: 5,835 km
  • Climate: interior – continental, coast – Mediterranean climate