Cultural and historical heritage

While exploring the rich cultural heritage you will stroll throughout the charming Mediterranean towns that resemble museums.
The island of Krk abounds in various types of cultural and historical heritage, as evidenced by numerous monuments, museums and religious buildings. To name just a few; the medieval Old town of Krk, Baščanska ploča in Jurandvor (the most important Croatian Glagolitic monument and document), the Franciscan monastery on the Košljun Islet and the Law Codex of Vinodol or Vinodol Statute from 1288 which is the oldest complete monument of common law in Croatian language and Glagolitic script. One of the oldest law texts is written in the Chakavian dialect of Croatian language and is among the oldest Slavic codes. While you are exploring Krkʼs cultural heritage, you will pass through the Mediterranean towns which are just like museums, full of charming stone houses.