Explore the island of Krk

Croatia is a small country, but despite this fact, there are plenty of spectacular attractions, ancient ruins, beautiful beaches...

Croatia stands out from the rest of Europe with culture and hospitality of the Croatian people. Croatian welcome their guests directly to their homes and hearts, there is no special tourist destination suitable only for tourists, they live with tourists throughout all year, offering them their culture, food, traditions and friendly advice on What and When to visit.

Originality of Mediterranean cuisine, cultural traditions and beauty of the coast uppermost can be experienced on the islands. We will start from the largest Croatian island located in the heart of the Kvarner Bay - island of Krk, a favorite tourist destination known for its hidden coves, lush vegetation and gastronomic delicacies of fresh fish dishes. Krk has absolutely everything you could want when you're on vacation: beaches of all kinds, fine restaurants, vineyards and world award-winning wines, luxury apartments, nightlife and adventure at your palm.

Krk attracts many tourists, and despite of the great demand, especially in the summer months, it has maintained it's beauty.

For a tour of the museum, nightlife fun, souvenir shops, and views of the old town you have to visit town Krk. 

Town Krk

Are you a fan of untouched nature, intimacy, rest from busy everyday life, long walks through nature? Malinska is your heaven on earth. 


If you love to sunbath in the larger public beaches, and explore a variety of shops with handmade products - you will enjoy in Baška


Are you addict for excellent food and a glass of wine? You must visit Vrbnik and Njivice

Restaurant Rivica

Photo credit: Restaurant Njivice

Krk is an island on which you will want to come back, again and again.