How to plan a vacation by the sea?

Holidays should be fun and relaxing but sometimes, bad preparation and planning can impact negatively on the features of your vacation. Invested time in planning, will return in many ways!
Planned dates, pre - booked accommodation and selection of the desired activities are just some of the important items that need to be solved when planning a holiday by the sea. 
The most relevant items that will ensure that your unforgettable holidays:

Decide which is the main objective of the trip - a romantic holiday, family gathering, relax from everyday stress, new adventures...
# Choose your destination - on a sheet of paper, write five top destinations you want to visit. If you are traveling with friends, let them do the same.
# Decide what kind of accommodation you want - every type of accommodation has its advantages and its disadvantages - you have to decide what are your priorities! (privacy, comfort of your own home, exquisite landscaping, availability of personnel, nearness of the beach, additional services etc.)

# When you have decided which type of accommodation you want, go in search of the ideal object
Basic guidelines: the distance of the beach (if you have to drive the car to the beach, that might create difficulties in the organization, especially if you have small children), private parking (if the distance from your location to your parking spot is large, and especially if you have to pay extra money, you might find uninviting), outside space of the object that can be used such as a garden, terrace, barbecue (if you have children, this is very important ), distance from the center etc.
# Book accommodation directly through the website of the desired object - the prices for online booking and up to 30 % cheaper than the standard price of large reservation houses.
# Ensure transportation - most carriers for pre - purchased tickets ensure more favorable prices. If you have the exact dates of travel, buying tickets in advance is a very smart decision.
# Service your car - if you are traveling with your own car, be sure to make a basic overview of tire pressure, oil level, the functionality of the lamps etc.
# Pre - plan your activities - a destination you have chosen certainly has interesting cultural or adventure offers. Maybe you could take a class of diving or of preparing natural cosmetics. Also, be sure to check out the best restaurants in the area. Maybe the staff of the selected object offers services of e - concierge, and can arrange the desired activities for you.
# Write a list of things you need to take - for a good holiday at sea take airy cotton clothes, a pair of favorite shoes, sunscreen, sunglasses, headgear, after sun lotion, medication that you might need, anti - mosquito spray, travel documents, travel insurance, camera, books ... and other things that you find necessary in everyday life.
We wish you a happy journey, and if your choice is vacation in our favorite Malinska, we expect you with a big smile and open arms – welcome :)

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