Once you arrive at Malinska, you will never want to leave!
The ideal destination for health tourism
As the sunniest place on the island of Krk, due to its mild climate and lush vegetation, Malinska was already declared the ideal destination for health tourism in the 19th century. Glistening tourism not only offers the beauty of the landscape and the many hidden coves, but it also provides an excellent transport connection and accessibility thanks to the Rijeka airport, Krk Bridge, and the Rijeka bypass.
In history known as the favorite tourist destination for the Viennese aristocracy
The most famous Croatian noble family Frankopan originally comes from Krk. On their initiative, Malinska began to settle. It was historically known as the island's harbor that was used for wood export and a favorite tourist destination for the Viennese aristocracy. It has never become an urban center, but it has graced numerous forests and pastures.The first inhabitants enjoyed animal hunting, so did the Austrian and Hungarian aristocrats and rich patricians from Rijeka. Besides hunting destination, Malinska was mentioned as a center of health tourism. This is supported by the fact that it is sheltered from strong winds and gleamed with the sun more than 220 days a year.
3 top attractions
  1. Haludovo and Rajski put - promenade filled with pine trees connecting Malinska to Njivice and the hotel complex Haludovo from the 20th century. That was the holiday destination for the world’s famous elite and presidents, having fun in the pools filled with champagne while surrounded by the Penthouse bunnies.
  2. Location Cickini - An archeological site with the remains of an early Christian church from the 5th century.
  3. The church and museum of St. Mary Magdalene in Porto from the 15th century.
First written impressions
Malinska is the pearl of Kvarner, future spa, and health resort.

Dr. L. Waagen, geologist, the University of Vienna

Due to the geographical position, the face of the field, rich vegetation, and particularly favorable climate, Krk should become a sea healing center.
Dr. Leo Trauner
Basic information
  • Population 3, 134
  • Area - 77 km²
  • Clime: Sub - Mediterranean
  • The sea temperature in summer is from 21 up to 26 Celsius (°C) degrees
  • Protector - Saint Apollinaire