Tips to beat the summer heat!

Summer is in full swing. In Malinska temperatures are reaching up to 35 Celsius. Protect yourself from the heat with our little set of advices!

Block the sun - close the curtains, close the blinds, put the hood to the windshield. Ensure smaller flow of sunlight into your living space during summer.
# Keep the head in the shade – if you are on vacation, it is ok to have a sunbath but only until 10 AM, and from 5 PM in the afternoon. In the meantime, you can relax on a sunbed in the shade of pine trees sipping your favorite fruit cocktail.
# Wear a hat - even in the morning, the sun can be so strong, especially on the beach - so use your hat (it will protect your skin and hear).
# Wear cotton clothes - loose and comfortable clothes, preferably cotton will help air movement around your body and evaporation of the sweat.
# Apply a sun protection factor - use natural sprays with with proven ingredients like coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil etc. That way you keep the skin safe from harmful substances and possible sun allergy.
# Drink a lot of fluid (herbal tea is the best solution) - herbal teas contain many healthy ingredients that help you stay hydrated, such as mint tea or lemon balm. Add in an ice cube and a slice of lemon and sure you will not feel thirsty. Avoid beverages that contain alcohol, caffeine, or lots of sugar, which are dehydrating.
# Spice up your food - spicy food will give you cooling experience. Mexicans know the secret: „ eating hot stuff can cool you down“.
# Eat light – you can enjoy fish meals, salads, seasonal vegetables. Find your favorite restaurant while on vacation.
# Close all windows - be sure that the temperature of your apartments doesn*t get higher than the external temperature. If you open your windows you will let the heat in.
# Use a sprey bootle with water - give yourself a spritz when you feel overwhelmed - as the water get*s evaporated from your skin it will give you superb cooling sensation.
# Use a fan and/or A/C - while A/C makes the air cooler by removing humidity from the air, fan helps you to move away the heat from your skin.
# Shut down all devices that produce heat - who needs a computer or tablet when on vacation? Take a swim in a beautiful sea, or relax your body on a sunbed under a pine tree ( you are not sure where to find such ideal location? Try with Malinska :)
# Be cool – take your time to relax, have little breaks if you really have to work throughout the summer, visualize yourself on vacation – and book yourself a getaway in September when the heats are lower but nature still preserves traces of summer.