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Malinska is located in the heart of the island Krk, an ideal location of the large city of Rijeka, tourist destinations such as Crikvenica and Opatija and beautiful peninsula of Istria. We have prepared a top destination by the opinion of our guests, while staying in our apartments.

1. Crikvenica

Our first recommendation for a trip goes to Crikvenica riviera, area of a distinctive identity famous for it*s valuable ancient traces, centuries - old tourist tradition, attachment to the sea and fishing and the diversity of nature. Crikvenica Riviera makes charming, gentle and picturesque small tourist places in a row: Crikvenica, Jadranovo and Selce.
Distance from Malinska (time): 00h45
Distance from Malinska (km): 33 km
Cost: 8.76 € including Toll 4.65 €, Consumption 4.11 €
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Beaches - in year 1888 in Crikvenica was built the first public sea seaside resort, which marked the beginning of the development of tourism. Across the Riviera there is more than 20 sand and pebble beaches, with crystal clear water and rich vegetation.
Fisherman's week - Fishermen's Week includes concerts, performances of theatrical and folklore ensemble, exhibitions, painting workshops, sporting competitions and other activities. Of particular interest are the various original gastronomic programmes in which local people prepare traditional fish dishes for their visitors.
Medieval Kotor - before moving to Crikvenica local people lived in the village of Kotor on a nearby hill, which was first mentioned in the 13th century. Kotor was part of the medieval town of Grižane, and residents were very devout , which can be seen by the large number of churches.
Ethno Selce - Ethno Selce represents Selce in a traditional setting which may be seen from the name of the event. With rich presentation of cultural heritage, entertainment for visitors and preservation of tradition, Ethno Selce brings an abundance of positive energy and warmth to the streets of this coastal town.   

2. Rijeka 

Rijeka is the third largest city in Croatia, biggest port in the country, and administrative center of what really makes one place special are it*s stories. (In)famous people, events, mysteries, scientific discoveries, all in one place, and the stories never stop... Because of the ideal geographical location and depth of the sea in the Gulf of Kvarner, Rijeka has developed into one of Europe's largest port and a powerful industrial center.
Distance from Malinska (time): 40 km
Distance from Malinska (km): 00h58
Cost: 9.83 € including Toll 4.65 €, Consumption 5.18 €
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Trsat Castle - Trsat castle is strategically embossed viewpoint on a 138 meter high hill that dominates Rijeka

St. Vitus' cathedral - St. Vitus Cathedral is the only baroque rotunda of monumental proportions built on Croatian territory.
Breakwater - The existing breakwater of the main port popularly called " molo longo " is known for its 1,707 m in length, now used as a passenger terminal and coastal promenade.
The yacht "GALEB" - The yacht "Galeb", a former presidential yacht used by President Josip Broz Tito who hosted aboard a number of statesmen and famous people, is temporarily moored in the port of Rijeka. 

3. Opatija

Opatija, an elegant tourist destination, the center of the Opatija Riviera with the longest tradition of Croatian tourism. Favorable location, the closest outlet to the warm sea of Central Europe , about 500 km from Milan, Vienna and Munich, lush vegetation and pleasant climate ( 45 ° 20 'north latitude ) are the most important reasons for the rapid development of tourism in the late 19th century. Beautiful gardens, lush vegetation, long promenade by the sea, architecture of old villas by the promenade are just some of the beautiful sights that will delight you with this lady old lady of Adriatic.
Distance from Malinska (time): 01h07
Distance from Malinska (km): 54 km
Cost: 11.05 € including Toll 4.65 €, Consumption 6.40 €
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Villa Angiolina - this is the building that certainly marked the beginning of the tourist epoch in the history of Opatija. Pending its building in 1844.
Maiden with Seagull - on the promontory in front of the one-time cemetery a girl of stone extend her arm to a gull. This, however, is a new sculpture, the work of a sculptor Car, and it was erected here in 1956 and turned into one of Opatija’s symbols.
Volosko - before Opatija became a holiday resort, Volosko was the seat of the district, an important trade port and the area's administrative centre. Today Volosko has lost that importance, but not its magical appeal as a picturesque fishing village. 
For more attractions visit offical website of Tourist board Opatija.

4. The City of Rovinj

Romantic and mysterious, but also full of opportunities for unforgettable, Rovinj became and remains a city in which you want to return.
Distance from Malinska (time): 02h06
Distance from Malinska (km): 129 km
Cost: 22.86 € including Toll 10.11 €, Consumption 12.75 €
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Grisia street -Grisia Street is a beautiful flight of stairs that leads to the plateau of the parish church of St. Euphemia. It belongs to the most recognizable trademarks of old Rovinj. The street is picturesquely paved and winding stone steps.
Church of St. Euphemia - there is a beautiful view of all Rovinj area from the bell-tower, and sometimes when the weather is good one can even see the Alps. The church itself is 30m wide and 51m long.
For more attractions visit InfoRovinj website.

5. Baška

Baška has a great many cultural attractions, from old buildings and palaces to sacral monuments. She is best known for it*s long sandy beach, and a picturesque old town with lots of small stores. Explore the island of Krk.
Distance from Malinska (time): 00h43
Distance from Malinska (km): 31 km
Cost: 3.98 € including Consumption 3.98 €
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Bašćanska ploča
- Baška tablet is a national monument of the Croatian people. It represents a Glagolitic inscription, carved in 13 lines of text that says about grant of Croatian King Zvonimir ( 1075-1089 ) to the curch of St. Lucy in Jurandvor, where the Baška Tablet was found inserted into the church pavement.
The church of St. Ivan - once the first parish church in the Baška valley from the 11th century . In its bell tower is the oldest bell in the area from 1431 , called ' ' old man ' ' at the beginning of the 19th century. The church was abandoned, but was rebuilt after the cholera. Next to the church is a cemetery where they are buried for centuries residents of Baška.
Vela Plaža beach - Baška - one of the most famous beaches in Croatia, Vela Plaža in the town of Baška stretches over 1800 metres. The beach is a combination of pebbles and sand. Alongside the beach is Baška promenade with restaurants, caffee bars and souvenir shops.

In the next post we'll give you ideas for excursions by ferry, so stay tuned :).

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